Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bizarre conversations...

I just got off the phone after having one of the oddest conversations I never thought I would ever have! I was pleasant, it was with X, and it went something like this...

ME- "Hey, you have a minute?"
X- "Yea, what's up?"
ME- "The official divorce file is in the mail on its way to you via Certified Mail. It will get there in a few days and you will need to go to the post office to sign for it."
X- "Okay."
ME- "It has to be you that signs for it or else it isn't valid."
X- "Okay."
ME- "Once you do that you have x amount of time to 'answer' it... basically you are just saying that this is mutual, those forms can be found online, printed off, and sent in. Then a hearing is scheduled that I have to go to and that should be it."
X- "Should I just bring them up at Christmas?"
ME- "No, the sooner you get them mailed the sooner everything else can be taken care of."
X- "Oh, ok just let me know where to get those forms."
Blah, blah, blah...
X- "If you get a chance can Ellie call later today?"
ME- "Sure, we will try. Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up."
X- "Thanks."

Ok, so not only was that an odd conversation and one that i never thought I would ever have but it was also really easy and like I was asking him to DRV a show for me... Weird! I guess change is possible!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The morning after...

It is the morning after one of the most historical Presidential Elections and the 44th President Elect is Barack Obama. For months, nay, almost two years I have been involved in this presidential race and I have never once denied to anyone that I am a Democrat even though my support has shifted. And in the weeks and months leading up to this race I have become more passionate about the issues at hand.
I supported the Democratic party and Barack Obama on the issues not the fact that history would be made... He began in a modest home with a single parent. He was not given every opportunity, he worked for it!
I support alternative energy and bringing our troops home while keeping everyone safe. I am pro-choice and I worry about health care for myself and Bug, God forbid anything happen to me or my job. Stop pushing out the middle class. I embrace optimism and hope. And lets face it, it is time for a change.
I woke up yesterday morning charged! I was excited to vote because I was engaged in the race... I have a voice! Bug went with me to the polls and cast my ballot, in my gut I felt so right about my decision. I couldn't stop checking the news... my excitement never subsided. Last night I stayed up late, past the announcement, I wanted to hear Obama's speech, unfortunately my body had another thought, it was time for bed. I still wanted to run outside and pump my fists and shout from the rooftops... "WE ARE READY FOR CHANGE!!"
This morning when I woke up I couldn't turn the news on fast enough, but this was only one victory. Now it is time for the journey. Change is a commitment and something we all must do together but you know what... Yes We Can!