Thursday, September 18, 2008

Get off of my ass...

So one of my biggest pet peeves is bitching and moaning! I loathe it! And yea, yea, yea some (ok, more than some) of my posts are bitching and moaning about X. I get it! But I say it is more venting and expressing my fears and concerns. I try not to bend any one's ear about it, except on the occasion that it gets pretty bad and I am having trouble dealing with said situation.
Anyway, yesterday on my way home from work to pick up Bug I got a call from (insert presidential campaign of my choice here) asking for some help canvasing along with other grassroots efforts. My first reaction was, and I actually said this to the representative, Jason... "I am a single mom and it is really hard for me to get a sitter during the days on the weekends so I really can't help. Sorry."
After hanging up the phone I was really disappointed with myself! I am trying to branch out and meet new people and push myself to do new things. And the hardest part is that I am building up the confidence to do this on my own. It is ok to not know anyone at first, even you closest friends were strangers at some point, right? Also, I have caught my self complaining about our political process and voicing my opinions concerning the economy and many other things. Damn it, I really can't stand complainers and I am turning into one!
I picked up my cell and hit redial, explained
who I am and that yes I am interested in helping out. I am looking forward to Jason emailing me the details and I told him that as long as I have a heads up I will try to get a sitter!
So, I am getting off my ass and suggest the same for you, political or not... stop bitching and do something about it! Oh and btw... exercise your rights and vote!
PS- C- this isn't like the "grassroots" efforts we made at midnight during the Clinton/Dole campaign! ;-)

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