Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to the single stuff...

So I have been pretty calm lately. Ok, let me rephrase... My evenings have been pretty calm lately! Then came Friday night! You see I went out with the cous to a concert at a club downtown! Totally fun! But the crowd was way mellow and I was so excited about getting dressed and going out (and all three of my horoscopes said that Friday was the day for romance but I will get tho that later). So after a while we skipped out and hopped a cab across town. The night was ours!!
We end up at the Waterfront and having fun when this guy behind me was trying to get a drink from the bar so I extended a helping hand. He told me that if I could get the bartender's attention to grab a cold one myself so far be it from me to turn such an offer and moments later I was sitting there with a ice cold Corona and a new friend. He decided the best way to thank me was to tell me over and over again just how beautiful I am. First time, very nice. Times 8-22, creepy especially when there was kissing and licking involved. Yes my skin crawled and I cringed but he finally left without causing a scene.
Which brings me to bachelor #2 sitting next to me on the other side of me starts chatting with me and decides to by a round of shots. I say, "No, thank you but tell me something interesting about you." Then I get a shot pushed towards me, I decline again. Then he begins to get pissed off that I won't take a shot. I am talking angry-pissy. I decline once again, turn to cous, and tell her that we need to go, now! Off to the next bar!
We go to a small bar to see who is playing, it was one of her childhood neighbors, random! So we sit for a few minutes and grab a drink and that is when bachelor #3 enters the picture. Lets be honest here, my memory at this point is a little hazy, it was a long night! I know that he was an older dude and a bit shady. I wasn't even chatting with him and next thing I know he is asking me out to dinner, completely unprovoked. I decline and we leave the bar.
Last (almost) venue for the evening before heading home. There are hot bartenders there so of course we can always look, right? Unfortunately, they were no where to be found. So I struck up a conversation with this skinny dude with the oddest tats I have seen in a long time. By this time my feet are killing me and lets face it... it was time to go home (and the bars were closing). We cab it back and on the way home cous and I end it the best way possible... hit the all night diner for home fries, bacon, and pancakes.
I make it home by 3ish and then back to reality... Bug wakes me up at 6:15. Luckily no hangover just really, really tired. Mommy hat back on... it was fun being single again, at least for a night!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Beach watch 2K8...

Seriously, I should have started this earlier this week so let me take a minute to catch you up to speed. This may jump around a bit so please bear with me, it will make sense in the end. Here goes...
At the end of the month I am taking Bug to the beach to visit her great grandparents and other family (all from his side). I figured he would probably come up to see Bug and so would his mom. Anyway, here is where it gets fun. This past weekend he came up to visit (Friday -Monday) Bug for the weekend. The weekend was smooth enough. It was odd though, on Friday night he started mentioning that he might have to go back on Sunday because of work but he wasn't sure yet. By Saturday I asked him about his plans for Sunday and he confirmed what I already figured out... He was leaving on Sunday. I wasn't really surprised!
We also talked about the beach trip and then he sprung something on me, no the minister isn't coming but it wouldn't surprise me if he tried that, but he is going to stay at the same place that I am... his uncle's house. Actually, he is staying right across the hall the whole weekend. Fantastic! And while I am at it, lets just add to the fun... His brother and pregnant wife are coming to the beach also, with their dog! I may have found that one out Saturday evening. Who knows? I have lost track by now.
Fast forward to Monday... When Bug calls X, like usual, around 4 on the way home from school he tells her that he is getting ready to go jogging. That's odd! He works an hour away and it is only 4 in the afternoon, he is home, relaxed, and ready for a jog? I thought he had to leave Sunday because of work on Monday. Hmmm! I guess I was right, I figured he just wanted to have a free day with the minister. Why say anything... there really is no point!
Then comes the floods of bad news. Between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning I find out that other g-g-mother is in ICU from blacking out and falling, someone in the distant family just got diagnosed with breast cancer, and a friends husband just lost his job. Bummer! Later Thursday I get even more bad news... X just lost his job in reorganization. Go figure. I could rant and rave here but I won't, I will let you do that in your comments. Please, it may make me feel better!
So Thursday night I am talking with his mom about flights for the end of July and I say...
"God, I don't think I can handle any more bad news today."
"Between g-g-mother, breast cancer, friend's hubby, then the email today about X's job. Man, bad day for news!"
"When did you find out about X's job?"
"It happened last week. He didn't tell you?"
"He was supposed to tell you before he came up to visit Bug."
"He didn't. And you want to know something really funny? He told me that he had to leave on Sunday because they needed him back at work on Monday?"
"OMG! Are you kidding me?"
"D, would I lie?"
"You wouldn't."
"I know and I haven't about any of this. What do you think I have been telling you about this entire time?"
"I can't believe this, all of the lies..."
Needless to say we got off the phone a minute or two later. I can't say I am surprised. I also found out that asked for half of the escrow from his dad to pay for last month's child support. WTF!
Anyway, I got another call from his mom in the middle of dinner saying that the shit has hit the fan and as we spoke his father was chewing him out on the other phone. If I was to be contacted by X about this, don't listen to what he says because I didn't do anything wrong.
We will see what happens from here, if anything. There are are a few things I know for sure... X is still a huge liar, he is broke and as dependable as usual, and the chance of anything changing, well, that is slim to nil!
Now I am on Beach Watch 2K8, who knows WTF will happen between now and then but I will let you know!
Moral of the story: Honesty is the best policy don't marry a nut-job!

Monday, June 9, 2008

The mommy tantrums...

So, before I start... Yes Bug is feeling better, finally!

On to the post... While I was moving my car yesterday I struck up a conversation with the neighbors. They have three girls ranging from 14 to 7. They asked how Bug was doing and I told them that, phew, she is all over the place. She is now turning into quite the bossy one too. Jane just laughed and I told her that it has turned into a battle of wills now with who is right. Damn it, let me win once in a while! Jane laughed some more and said, "Your having mommy tantrums. I had them too because someone is going to win and it better be me!"
What a way to describe it! I am not a control freak (OK, maybe a little) and I will admit when I am wrong (most of the time) but when it comes to getting out from under a table at a restaurant... I AM RIGHT!!
Anyway, I will have my mommy tantrums, little suborn one, but understand this... I will win... most of the time (I hope).

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always availble...

The last few days I have been dealing with Bug and her ear infection. Talk about a touchy two and a half year old!! Yesterday we stayed home from school/work because of her fever and our lack of sleep. As anyone who has ever had a child with and ear infection... it means no sleep!!!
Anyway, when we got up yesterday and got moving she wanted to talk to her daddy and her grandma. No problem! So at a few minutes before seven, with my cell phone on speaker phone, I dialed the X. Ring, ring, ring, ring... then that automated female voice, you know the one. She left him a message, "Daddy, I don't feel good." in the most pathetic sounding voice ever. She was disappointed though. Then we called grandma. She was on her way to work and they talked about feeling sick, and hugs and kisses. Bug brightened up as much as she could.
I figured maybe X was in the shower or had the radio loud on the car ride to work and would notice the call or get the message and call back. No such luck. I got a text around 1 and this was the exchange...
X-How is she feeling?
MB- Depends on whether the Tylenol is working or not. Now... OK. She wanted to talk to you this am, that's why I called.
X-I know. My phone goes nuts sometimes. I want her to know she can call me whenever.
MB- No response... did I even need to give one?
Then he called around 5:00 to check on her. She was taking a nap. He said that his mom told him how she sounded and he hopes she feels better. If she wants to talk to him, she can call.
Now, I am not going to bring me into this but if your child calls you and leaves you a message like that wouldn't you call asap to see how they are doing? OK, say his phone really was screwy, what about all of the other times she calls and his phone just doesn't ring? It happens more often than not. And how unfortunate is that? So really X, you aren't that available. You are right, she can call you whenever, but there is a good chance you won't answer the phone.