Monday, June 16, 2008

Back to the single stuff...

So I have been pretty calm lately. Ok, let me rephrase... My evenings have been pretty calm lately! Then came Friday night! You see I went out with the cous to a concert at a club downtown! Totally fun! But the crowd was way mellow and I was so excited about getting dressed and going out (and all three of my horoscopes said that Friday was the day for romance but I will get tho that later). So after a while we skipped out and hopped a cab across town. The night was ours!!
We end up at the Waterfront and having fun when this guy behind me was trying to get a drink from the bar so I extended a helping hand. He told me that if I could get the bartender's attention to grab a cold one myself so far be it from me to turn such an offer and moments later I was sitting there with a ice cold Corona and a new friend. He decided the best way to thank me was to tell me over and over again just how beautiful I am. First time, very nice. Times 8-22, creepy especially when there was kissing and licking involved. Yes my skin crawled and I cringed but he finally left without causing a scene.
Which brings me to bachelor #2 sitting next to me on the other side of me starts chatting with me and decides to by a round of shots. I say, "No, thank you but tell me something interesting about you." Then I get a shot pushed towards me, I decline again. Then he begins to get pissed off that I won't take a shot. I am talking angry-pissy. I decline once again, turn to cous, and tell her that we need to go, now! Off to the next bar!
We go to a small bar to see who is playing, it was one of her childhood neighbors, random! So we sit for a few minutes and grab a drink and that is when bachelor #3 enters the picture. Lets be honest here, my memory at this point is a little hazy, it was a long night! I know that he was an older dude and a bit shady. I wasn't even chatting with him and next thing I know he is asking me out to dinner, completely unprovoked. I decline and we leave the bar.
Last (almost) venue for the evening before heading home. There are hot bartenders there so of course we can always look, right? Unfortunately, they were no where to be found. So I struck up a conversation with this skinny dude with the oddest tats I have seen in a long time. By this time my feet are killing me and lets face it... it was time to go home (and the bars were closing). We cab it back and on the way home cous and I end it the best way possible... hit the all night diner for home fries, bacon, and pancakes.
I make it home by 3ish and then back to reality... Bug wakes me up at 6:15. Luckily no hangover just really, really tired. Mommy hat back on... it was fun being single again, at least for a night!

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