Monday, June 9, 2008

The mommy tantrums...

So, before I start... Yes Bug is feeling better, finally!

On to the post... While I was moving my car yesterday I struck up a conversation with the neighbors. They have three girls ranging from 14 to 7. They asked how Bug was doing and I told them that, phew, she is all over the place. She is now turning into quite the bossy one too. Jane just laughed and I told her that it has turned into a battle of wills now with who is right. Damn it, let me win once in a while! Jane laughed some more and said, "Your having mommy tantrums. I had them too because someone is going to win and it better be me!"
What a way to describe it! I am not a control freak (OK, maybe a little) and I will admit when I am wrong (most of the time) but when it comes to getting out from under a table at a restaurant... I AM RIGHT!!
Anyway, I will have my mommy tantrums, little suborn one, but understand this... I will win... most of the time (I hope).

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Carey said...

I like that "Mommy tantrums," never thought of it that way! LOL