Friday, February 29, 2008

Green clean...

So, I was cruizin' on the net today and was doing a little research on the chemicals we use in our homes. I didn't realize just how many there are and even more... how many we can change. You can go a lot more natural with a little knowledge and creativity! Here is some of what I found...
Baking soda- whitens teeth, freshens breath, exfoliates, removes scuff marks, cleans dishes and pans, deodorizes, boosts soap and detergents (aka: more bang for your buck), dry baths for pets, and the list goes on! (also check out Arm & Hammer's website)
Hydrogen peroxide- disinfects kitchens and bathrooms, oral rinse, glass cleaner, and produce wash
Peteroleum jelly (aka- Vaseline)- Ha, Ha, get your mind out of the gutter (ok, that is one use) but seriously I use it as a facial moisturizer, prevents diaper rash, household lubricant, polish, makeup remover, and more!
Looks to me that you can remove a ton of those single purpose and use these instead. Also, did you notice... Nothing Toxic!! Safe for everyone in your house!! So, just add these to a bin with your duct tape and super glue and you can do anything in your house!!

Pain in the....

Head. I will tell you, I suffer from migraine headaches and it suck the big one!!! I am talking the ones that come with spots and nausea... the big dogs of headaches! They go away then they come back and you never know when they are coming. Some days I wake up and I just know that sometime today it will hit, I just know it! I have been to the doctor about it and I research it. And triggers? Ha, try to figure that one out. One day it is the sun glare, another day it is my sinuses, and yet another it is nothing at all... no answers there!
Well, I got knocked on my butt yesterday with another one and this time it was the second day in a row. I have had it, I am taking matters into my own hands. I am a single mom and I can't let this get me down. I hate prescriptions and my new one I tried the day before did nothing at all. So here was my plan... Excedrin migraine to take the edge off (worked better than the prescription) and then I was off to the gym to sweat it away. Guess what... it worked!! Now it didn't keep it 100% away but I would say I only felt about 1o% of it. I was pretty impressed!
So here is what I am thinking... maybe it was the release of endorphins and increased oxygen from the work out mixed with the aspirin and caffeine from the Excedrin that kept my headache at bay? If that is the case... you think sex would be better than the treadmill? I am just saying, it would be for medicinal purposes!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A friend of mine e-mailed me a story of interest... Love Tips From Animal Trainers. Interesting! You should take a look. After reading this article it really opened my eyes. Positive reinforcement works! We all know it but do we really use it?
I don't, not all of the time, I can admit it. And, as you know... I don't have a mate either. But I do have a toddler, can you see where I am going with this?
Well, we are working on potty training right now but let me catch you up to speed...
Before we moved... Almost 100% there.
Post move... Regression!! Now we are using the potty when she wants to and throws a temper tantrum any other time.
So, I talked to her teacher yesterday to make sure this was an across-the-board behavior... No such luck. "She is usually the one asking to use the potty. She goes in and pulls down her pants, throws her diaper away on her own, and washer her hands without being told." Oh joy!!! Now it is time to rethink this whole potty thing at home. I know from friends and doctors that food is not a good reinforcement (especially M&Ms) and I don't want to do gifts.... Any suggestions?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Once a school night....

Always a school night.
I should have learned my lesson back in college but maybe I have just been out of the game for so long that I have forgotten, that is my story!! No matter what, there is no need to ever go out on a Sunday night and stay out after midnight! UNLESS... you have off the next day, you are taking off the next day, or you are on your way home from somewhere and going in late the next day!
I went out last night and had a great time, I went out to dinner and had some wine and we talked and laughed and next thing I know it is 1 am!! I will just cut to the chase... Today sucks!!! I am half (that is being generous) functioning at work and now to top it off, I am the only one here. Ugh... I will go and swear I will never do it again and try to prop my eyelids up. I hope I make it till quitting time!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back to my single self...

When I got home yesterday my dad was telling me about two women he was sitting near yesterday at a meeting. One handed the other a note and said, "These are the kind of noted my mother leaves in my purse." The other woman reads it and them both laugh. Somehow the note gets passed to my dad, he brings it home and shows it to me. It read:

The dry cleaners is a great place to meet men. You know that they make money and have good hygiene.

I laughed, that is pretty funny. Granted, I am sure it would get really old really quick. But hey, at least you know she cares!
So, here is my challenge to you... Where are the best places to meet single men and why? Tell me. I want to know, I need to know. I have been told to stay away from men I meet in bars (I am beginning to see why) and not to date at work (broke that one when I met my ex... should have listened). If I can't meet them there... Where do I meet them? I can't wait for the feedback! This will be fun!

Side note... Finally made it back to the gym yesterday after almost a month (was going to lie and say a few weeks, but what is the point?) and Mr. Gym was there in all of his sweat and hotness... yum! Motivation in its best form!
Another side note... The mail man today was really good looking, too. It is a shame that we don't have the same one every day, damn!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

In the year 2012...

So I will forewarn you... this isn't a feel-good entry but it is about something we all need to think about.
So, I was reading the paper today and there was an article about the year 2012... the end of the world. Go ahead, just google it. As I was reading it is talked about solar flare ups, Eros, Myan calendars, and God all resulting in the end, and that is only five years away. Scary stuff!! But as I read all of this stuff I got a lump in my throat, I didn't think about myself but I was terrified for Bug. Can I save her? Can I keep her from getting hurt? Can I love her enough between now and the end to make all of the bad go away? I want to run home with her and hold her and love her and never let her go!
I know, it is almost silly the way I am going on. But then I realized... I don't know when the end will ever be. I told you, up lifting stuff! So, I am making a promise today to stop being so angry and cynical, to be more kind and compassionate. To show her love and how to be a good person not by my words but by my actions. I want her to be a better person than I could ever be.
"If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I loved her. Did I try in every way to show her every day just how much I loved her. And if my time on earth were through and she had to face this world without me, is the love I gave her in the past going to be enough to last, if tomorrow never comes... " -Garth Brooks "If Tomorrow Never Comes"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I have the itch...

It happens once in a while but when it does... I can't help myself and then today (this morning) I realized that it was happening again. Spring is almost here and I need new shoes.
I didn't say that I wanted them, this is a need... I need them. Something pretty and colorful. A little out of my comfort zone. Something fun, definalty something fun! Now I feel like a kid in a candy store... what to get, what to get??
Pathetic as it is I feel like I have a purpose... I will search the internet for the most perfectest shoes ever. Much easier than shopping for a man online... I have looked once or twice (ok, a few more times than that, and I just looked, pure curiosity) and well... I think the perfect shoes might be easier to find! But when it all comes down to it... man or shoe, if I order them online it probably won't fit (50/50 shot) then I have to deal with the returns. Isn't it easier to try them on first before buying? Of course!
Maybe its not just the style of my shoe where I need to get out of my comfort zone, maybe it is the way I go about things. Change is good, right? Anyway, I think I am going to go out tonight and look for a fabulous pair... of shoes that is!
UPDATE... I am the proud new owner of three new pairs of friends... blue strappy ones, red and brown heeled mary janes, and brown/orange/turquoise floral satin ones! Yea! That is three new reasons to go out!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Soul mate or settling...

So I was thinking... What to write today. Bug is still sick, I am tired and that is about it. I could obsess about the approaching day of love (FYI... my V-day weekend is booked, no dates however but I am good with that!). Nah, no need to beat a dead horse!
Anyway, I am sitting here and listening to the local NPR station and Talk of the Nation is on and their guest is a relationship columnist and author. The subject of today's discussion is successful partnerships and marriage. When passion fades in a marriage and you don't have a strong bond, what happens... inevitable failure!
But the older you get when searching for a partner, is it bad to settle? I am not saying "make due" but to really look at someone and say that this person may not be everything I am looking for but we really have a base for something to grow on. Go in with lower expectations and then you can only be pleased with the outcome? No, not a POS and be happy when he doesn't rob a bank, come on, lets be serious. I am saying what if there are no passionate flames but a strong base? Could it work? Something to think about and a different view on dating.
To stay true to my Libran ways ( I have turned into a horoscope junkie) mine says today that I am the voice of love. If it has nothing to do with love... forget about it! I need to spread the love today. So, in keeping with that theme... Me, I am still waiting for Prince Charming and not settling. At least not till spring fever hits!

Monday, February 11, 2008

If I really listened to Walt...

It was Bugs dream come true... All princesses, all weekend! There was a movie marathon of Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Sleeping Beauty. She danced with her princess figurines while watching her princesses... What more could a two year old little girl want other than cheese?
Anyway, all these fairy tales got me thinking... No, not what a crock...that is not how it works in real life. But seriously, maybe I should use these examples as criteria, kind of like a checklist. So here are my reasons why a prince is the man for me...
1) These princes are all looking for love... Not the next sporting event!!
2) They come from good royal stock (no bad teeth or apparent inbreeding, good thing) and never seem to get dirty... Ok, so good upbringing isn't a sure thing but at least it will eliminate some of the excuses, and the other thing... well that just makes for easier laundry!
3) They are willing to fight a witch, dragon, even an evil stepmother for just a kiss... Not to just get in her pants!
4) They already have their manners down. They have to, they are princes... No spitting, scratching, excessive cursing, farting , burping, etc. in public. I am sure they would still open doors after the first month of dating!
5) They all look genuinely interested in what she is saying. Heck, Ariel couldn't even talk and Prince Eric still looked interested.... Note: No glazed over look in their eyes!!
6) Again they are looking for love, even willing to marry the next day... Not commitment-phobic!!
7) Lets face it... they are freaking princes!!! Not some loser you met at the bar!
Oh well... I will go back to daydreaming of my prince, who knows, maybe one day I will meet him!
"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..." -Sleeping Beauty

A shout out...

To my ex.

Normally I try to refrain from pettiness but I got an email today about religion and humor. Included was this photo...

He was the first person (aside from the minister herself) I thought of. I couldn't resist, can you blame me!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Pokamwamahanna and her seven other friends...

Last night we received a package in the mail from the ex (I won't even go on about the fact that he can send gifts but getting a mortgage or child support check to me is the hardest thing in the world... I will just leave it out of this... I am just saying!) from Disney. I knew that it was coming and but she could open it whenever. He said, "Since she won't ever play with GI Joes, I thought she would like these." It was a set of 8 Disney princesses... Bug's dream come true!!
As we were taking them out of the packaging (I won't even go on about the excessive packaging, an entirely different rant for a different day) and saying their names because, yes there were ones that she hadn't ever seen before. There was Princess Cinderella, Princess Arora, Princess Ariel, Princess Jasmine, Princess Ben (Belle), Princess Mulan, Princess Pokamawahanna (Pochahantis) and of course Princess Snow Wipe. Yes, you read that right... Snow Wipe.
I know that she will kill me when she gets older for telling so many people but that is about one of the funniest things I have heard in a while!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The clean green...

Today is something different than my usual, I came across an article about Toxic Free Cleaning... Great in theory you say, but does it work? It sure does!! Not only will it save you money but it is better for the air you breath and your family (the two and four legged ones). Here is the best part... not only is it better for you but it is less expensive! What a bonus!!
So, try it with me for a month and who knows... you may even like it! ;)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don't hate V-day, make it Me-day...

With Valentine's Day right around the corner (as if you couldn't figure it out with all of the store displays, heck, I even got a list of names from daycare so Bug could give everyone valentines) I have a chance to reflect. Sure, I could take the easy and cynical way out... Boo men and blare "Love Stinks" in the car and who could blame me, but I won't (ok, maybe once but I will never admit it!). Instead, I have a challenge for you... Sure embrace the ones you love (you should be doing that every day anyway) and make a point to tell them what they mean to you but also do the same for yourself.
Remind yourself that you are beautiful. Tell yourself that yes, you can do it whether it is dealing with that mean coworker or just making it through the night with a sick child. Encourage yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone. When you go to get in the shower, check yourself out! Look at the good and stop focusing on the bad (it only brings you down) so what if you used to be a size 4 back in the day and now you aren't... admire your flaws and embrace your scars, they made you who you are today. Most of all, don't ever forget who you are.
So next week, hug your hubby, love your lover, kiss your kids but don't forget about you because if you don't love yourself, who will?

Monday, February 4, 2008

What a weekend...

For starters...

Let me follow up on T. As you know I wasn't all that romantically interested in him. Great guy, just not for me. Anyway, late on Friday night (I was in a migraine induced coma) around 1:30 I got a text... Damn those things... about being friends and he thought that was mutual and still wants to chat blah, blah, blah...
Way to go him for having the courage to do that (at 1 am on a Friday night, liquid courage maybe?). I called him back on Saturday afternoon to tell him I agreed and I understand (there was probably a sense of relief in my voice) and if he wants to give me a buzz, cool! If not, I understand. Oh, by the way, this was all to his answering machine, go figure. And I still haven't heard back... crazy, huh?
Just for the record... When I canceled our last date I really was sick!! I swear, I am talking sweat pants, drugs, soup, extra pillows and all... looks like karma threw in an extra sinus infection as a bonus for not being open a few weeks ago!

Mama Bear on the prowl...

So Saturday afternoon Bug and I were running errands and our last stop was the mall. After lunch and as a treat (here is another gorilla... and to tire her out) we went to Tot Town. And FYI... No hot dads this time. Bug was running around all crazy and followed some other kids under the bridge of the slide and one little boy (I will be the adult and refrain from name calling) pushed her and said no. Dejected, she tried again and this time he pushed her again and said "NO!" She then looked at me a with those puppy dog eyes as to say, "Mommy, help" and it was all the Mama Bear in me could do not to tell her to pop him in the face, shove him aside, and look him in the face and say, "YES!" then go over and give her a high five. But instead, I sat there and mouthed to her to go find something else to play with. She stood up and slid down the slide a few times and by that time she was giggling again... Me, I wanted to find that brat's parents and give them a lesson on manners but again I embraced to Mama Bear inside and laughed along with her.

Super Bowl Sunday...

Let me start by saying when I reference the Big Game I only mean it to be a certain day , I could really give a flip about the game. Anyway Bug and I ventured up the road and through the woods, around the creek, over the train tracks...Seriously, to BFE to a friends house for a party. We were all soon to realize that even thought the party started at 3:30 it wasn't all that long ago that we would start at the same time so that we could drink and not be hung over for work the next day. These days it is a different story... now we start early because of toddler bedtimes and nap schedules! So much for getting older!
Bug and I really did have a great time but I have to say the funniest thing in the evening was a toss up... 1) When the hostess was being mauled by life sized Sesame Street characters thanks to both of our daughters or... 2) As I was elaborating on Bugs fascination with her vagina and how she was getting the powder from "down there" then eating with the same hand I said, "Bug we have to wash our hands after playing with our vaginas, OK?" Apparently there was a silence in the room just as I said that and one of the fathers says, "I have a feeling I missed a key part in that conversation!" Yes, my face turned beet red but we all got a bunch of good laughs!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Have you hugged your gorilla....

So I bet you wouldn't believe this one but you get not one but two stellar entries from me today! Anyway, I was catching up on my news on CNN and ran across this story Busting the Work-Life Myth about balancing home and work (or all facets of your life) and the conclusion... THERE IS NO BALANCE!
It is true, we all try to believe that there is and that we can handle it but lets be truly honest with, not all of the time! And once you admit it and hugged that gorilla, you will be happier with yourself which is a plus for you and everyone around you!
I will start... I am not perfect (even though I try to be) I gave Bug Benedhryl Sinus the other night so that she (and I) could sleep the other night and the bonus was that there was a decongestant in it to unclog her nose so she wouldn't snore and she would feel better. This was mostly a selfish move on my part but as I said... I am not perfect!
Go ahead... Hug your gorilla! You will never be SuperMom... but remember your will always be a super mom!!

Toddler hookey...

As you know I have been fighting off this bug for a while now... I think I am finally winning! But the other day I got a call from daycare saying that Bug had a fever and needed to be picked up and she wouldn't be able to come int the next day either.... school policy. Fine, no problem, I understand. So I was off to pick up my bug and by the time I got her home she was all smiles and no fever. Odd, but oh well. That evening she was all giggles and fun and still no fever. The next day she stayed home with my parents and you guessed it.... no fever! Last night... happy Bug and still no fever.
Well this morning came around and as we were getting ready for school and Miss Cranky Pants came out to play (no fever). It was I don't want this, no to that, cranky, cranky, cranky?!? Hmm... Now this has me thinking. Is she faking? Does she not want to go to school? If so, why? We'll see, I just hope I don't get a call from daycare about this mystery fever again!