Friday, February 1, 2008

Toddler hookey...

As you know I have been fighting off this bug for a while now... I think I am finally winning! But the other day I got a call from daycare saying that Bug had a fever and needed to be picked up and she wouldn't be able to come int the next day either.... school policy. Fine, no problem, I understand. So I was off to pick up my bug and by the time I got her home she was all smiles and no fever. Odd, but oh well. That evening she was all giggles and fun and still no fever. The next day she stayed home with my parents and you guessed it.... no fever! Last night... happy Bug and still no fever.
Well this morning came around and as we were getting ready for school and Miss Cranky Pants came out to play (no fever). It was I don't want this, no to that, cranky, cranky, cranky?!? Hmm... Now this has me thinking. Is she faking? Does she not want to go to school? If so, why? We'll see, I just hope I don't get a call from daycare about this mystery fever again!

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