Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Soul mate or settling...

So I was thinking... What to write today. Bug is still sick, I am tired and that is about it. I could obsess about the approaching day of love (FYI... my V-day weekend is booked, no dates however but I am good with that!). Nah, no need to beat a dead horse!
Anyway, I am sitting here and listening to the local NPR station and Talk of the Nation is on and their guest is a relationship columnist and author. The subject of today's discussion is successful partnerships and marriage. When passion fades in a marriage and you don't have a strong bond, what happens... inevitable failure!
But the older you get when searching for a partner, is it bad to settle? I am not saying "make due" but to really look at someone and say that this person may not be everything I am looking for but we really have a base for something to grow on. Go in with lower expectations and then you can only be pleased with the outcome? No, not a POS and be happy when he doesn't rob a bank, come on, lets be serious. I am saying what if there are no passionate flames but a strong base? Could it work? Something to think about and a different view on dating.
To stay true to my Libran ways ( I have turned into a horoscope junkie) mine says today that I am the voice of love. If it has nothing to do with love... forget about it! I need to spread the love today. So, in keeping with that theme... Me, I am still waiting for Prince Charming and not settling. At least not till spring fever hits!

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