Friday, February 1, 2008

Have you hugged your gorilla....

So I bet you wouldn't believe this one but you get not one but two stellar entries from me today! Anyway, I was catching up on my news on CNN and ran across this story Busting the Work-Life Myth about balancing home and work (or all facets of your life) and the conclusion... THERE IS NO BALANCE!
It is true, we all try to believe that there is and that we can handle it but lets be truly honest with, not all of the time! And once you admit it and hugged that gorilla, you will be happier with yourself which is a plus for you and everyone around you!
I will start... I am not perfect (even though I try to be) I gave Bug Benedhryl Sinus the other night so that she (and I) could sleep the other night and the bonus was that there was a decongestant in it to unclog her nose so she wouldn't snore and she would feel better. This was mostly a selfish move on my part but as I said... I am not perfect!
Go ahead... Hug your gorilla! You will never be SuperMom... but remember your will always be a super mom!!

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Carey said...

I hugged mine the other day too. ;)