Friday, February 29, 2008

Green clean...

So, I was cruizin' on the net today and was doing a little research on the chemicals we use in our homes. I didn't realize just how many there are and even more... how many we can change. You can go a lot more natural with a little knowledge and creativity! Here is some of what I found...
Baking soda- whitens teeth, freshens breath, exfoliates, removes scuff marks, cleans dishes and pans, deodorizes, boosts soap and detergents (aka: more bang for your buck), dry baths for pets, and the list goes on! (also check out Arm & Hammer's website)
Hydrogen peroxide- disinfects kitchens and bathrooms, oral rinse, glass cleaner, and produce wash
Peteroleum jelly (aka- Vaseline)- Ha, Ha, get your mind out of the gutter (ok, that is one use) but seriously I use it as a facial moisturizer, prevents diaper rash, household lubricant, polish, makeup remover, and more!
Looks to me that you can remove a ton of those single purpose and use these instead. Also, did you notice... Nothing Toxic!! Safe for everyone in your house!! So, just add these to a bin with your duct tape and super glue and you can do anything in your house!!


Kristle said...

The baking soda and kosher salt is awesome on bathtubs and sinks, I am now doing this in an attempt to go green with you.

Next is for the laundry and the vegetable wash. Thanks

Bastet said...

Um, just don't try to clean doors with Vaseline, it can stain! LOL.

I attempted baking soda and vinegar to clear a bathroom didn't work as I expected. But I tried!