Monday, March 3, 2008

My crazy family...

All I am saying is that I sincerely hope that this apple fell a little further from the tree than most, or at least on the other side of the tree... let me explain...
The other evening at tinner with my parents we were discussing plans for Easter. Then my folks started remembering plans from years past.
"I can't remember, what did we do last year?" one said.
"Hmm, I don't remember." responded the other.
"You came down to my house last year, remember? Your last minute vacation?" I interjected with a sarcastic and flat tone while I remembered what will go down as "the worst Easter weekend" to date. It was Good Friday I discovered my ex's "other activities", Great Freaking Friday! Anyway, back to the story...
"Oh yeah, that was a really nice weekend." said my mother.
(with a quizzical look on my face...) "No, it wasn't" I respond.
"It was, Bug had a nice Easter egg hunt and we had a nice dinner, what did we have again?" replied my mother (are you asking yourself "Is this woman high?" because I was at this point)
"No, it sucked, it was really horrible" I say getting a little defensive.
"Really? I thought it was nice."
Cross eyed I just changed the subject. And this is what I get to deal with on a regular basis. Please tell me that my apple fell on my father's side of the tree, I am begging you!

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Anonymous said...

it fell far far far away.. he he he