Thursday, March 13, 2008

The smell of a man...

What is it about a good smelling man, especially one that is put together and smelling awesome. Not overwhelming or overpowering, it has to be subtle. You know, stand close to smell him or a faint linger as he walks past. I know this seems like a senseless post, but hey I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Actually they say that sent is connected to more memories than any visuals. Pretty amazing, talk about body chemistry.
This is why sent has been on my mind... 1- I was hanging out with a friend recently and this guy leans in to talk to me and yum! I don't think I heard all of what said but wow! I won't forget him any time soon. 2- I am at the bagel shop this morning and the guy next to me... Well, I will just say... Better than the bagels!
Here is where I say thanks to the person who created cologne. I appreciate you (and so do my hormones)! You have made men much easier on the nose, thanks!


Michele said...

well you know I hate cologne...I much prefer sweat!!!! Maybe that's why I hate to sweat? You think there's any validity to that?

Carey said...

a little is yummy...but why do some insist on bathing in it? GAG!