Friday, March 21, 2008

Big beds....

Today is the day and I am a little nervous! Strike that... A LOT NERVOUS! Tonight is Bug's first night in her new big-girl bed. I know it is a tough decision for every parent but this is huge! I know she is ready but I am not... I'd better et used to that, I have a feeling that is how the rest of our lives will be.... She is ready and I am not! School, boys, driving, sleep-overs, even visits to her dad's without me.... Aaagghh! I am about to have a panic attack! Don't laugh, I am not kidding!
I know this is normal for me to feel like this, one less thing that I have control over. But I really like those four rails that hold her safely in her bed... all night long!! Did I mention that I am sharing a bedroom with her now? After work today, I get to go home and reorganize the bedroom (that is the size of a large shoe box) so it will safely contain the both of us. Here are just a few of my fears, in no particular order...
-I am terrified that she will crawl into bed with me, scare me and I will throw her onto the floor.
-I will wake up to find her staring at me and I will scream and scare her.
-She will poke me in the eye and I be startled awake and hit her in the face.
-She will get up in the middle of the night and hang herself on a belt I forgot to put away.
-The dog will jump up on her bed and wake her up, she will scream and wake me up and I will pee in the bed.
-She will climb out of bed in the middle of the night, play, then fall asleep on the floor. I will get up to go to the bathroom and step on her.
-I will be worried about all of the above possibilities and lay in bed and watch her sleep all night.
Those are just a few of my fears but did you notice that all of them involved bodily harm and NO SLEEP! I will keep you updated but I think that this will be a long weekend!!

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Carey said...

LOL. I hope your transition worked out ok. You'll sleep better in a few days.