Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always availble...

The last few days I have been dealing with Bug and her ear infection. Talk about a touchy two and a half year old!! Yesterday we stayed home from school/work because of her fever and our lack of sleep. As anyone who has ever had a child with and ear infection... it means no sleep!!!
Anyway, when we got up yesterday and got moving she wanted to talk to her daddy and her grandma. No problem! So at a few minutes before seven, with my cell phone on speaker phone, I dialed the X. Ring, ring, ring, ring... then that automated female voice, you know the one. She left him a message, "Daddy, I don't feel good." in the most pathetic sounding voice ever. She was disappointed though. Then we called grandma. She was on her way to work and they talked about feeling sick, and hugs and kisses. Bug brightened up as much as she could.
I figured maybe X was in the shower or had the radio loud on the car ride to work and would notice the call or get the message and call back. No such luck. I got a text around 1 and this was the exchange...
X-How is she feeling?
MB- Depends on whether the Tylenol is working or not. Now... OK. She wanted to talk to you this am, that's why I called.
X-I know. My phone goes nuts sometimes. I want her to know she can call me whenever.
MB- No response... did I even need to give one?
Then he called around 5:00 to check on her. She was taking a nap. He said that his mom told him how she sounded and he hopes she feels better. If she wants to talk to him, she can call.
Now, I am not going to bring me into this but if your child calls you and leaves you a message like that wouldn't you call asap to see how they are doing? OK, say his phone really was screwy, what about all of the other times she calls and his phone just doesn't ring? It happens more often than not. And how unfortunate is that? So really X, you aren't that available. You are right, she can call you whenever, but there is a good chance you won't answer the phone.


Carey said...

Yeah, don't think it was his phone that was screwy.

Poor Bug!

Michele said...

Just tell her she can call her other Chele. I'll answer the phone - and I'm not even a "parent"

Hope she is feeling better quick.