Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beach week recap...

I will start by saying that , no, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be! That being said the tone to the entire weekend was set on Friday night when X's grandmother told him to "Get off your fat ass and do it yourself." No they aren't as redneck as they sound. What that was, was X falling off ot the pedestal he has always been on... CRASH!

Bug was happy and she had fun. She even pointed out to X that he had big boobies then told his uncle later that he had boobies too but Daddy's were bigger. Told you... funny stuff!

I was weird though, it was almost like we were friends... he copied some cds that he thought I would like for me without asking and I picked up something from the store for him. Definatly odd!

Then came the finances talk... You know he doesn't have a job again so I wanted to know what his plans financially were for Bug during this interm. Go figure... "I don't know, I hadn't though about it." Am I surprised? Not at all. Dissappointed? Of course, but then again a leopard can't change his spots.

All in all... there were ups and down but who would have thought otherwise? And in the end (while filling up the gas tank on the way home, true story) the wind caught my skirt and I mooned half of Catonsville during rush hour... Go figure, perfect ent to a perfect weekend!

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Carey said...

So the boob has big boobs? Sorry, I really couldn't resist! LOL.