Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It started with an email...

So first off... Sorry it has been a while since the last post! Had a few things going on lately... my b-day (good times), Bugs birthday (great times) and the party that went along with it, filing for the big "D" and I don't mean Dallas, dad lost his job (again), and lets not forget... everyday life!
So here is my new deal... as you know, I am terrified of getting hurt again. I have commitment and trust issues (go figure) that I am working through. And the less available a man is then the more attracted I am. I have all but sworn off sex, not that there is any possibility of that any time soon but I have no business with any of the outcomes that can go along with it... STDs, pregnancy, etc..
In a time where I have started to master the "no-attachment" thing and "its all for fun" thing. Oh, lets not forget the "there's no second date" thing! There is someone I can't stop thinking about. It wasn't supposed to be anything more than platonic and lets not even mention the baggage, on both sides but I can't get him out of my mind!

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