Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When the bar closes down...

The other night, after a fantastic mini reunion of high school girlfriends, it was finally time to home. That was when it hit me as I turned the corner in my 4" green heels... this is the worst part of being single. Some may say it is meeting people, waiting at a bar by yourself for a date, then there is always the dreaded sleeping alone on a cold night. But no, for me it is walking back to my car, alone, after a night out. There is no safety in numbers when you are by yourself. And what if something does happen? Will there be anyone around to see? It is not just the safety issue, there is no one in the car to bitch to, laugh with, or just talk to.
I got a bit down on my walk back to the car because of these thoughts. But when I sat down and started the car the song "I Will Survive" was playing. I laughed, even thought there was no one besides me, because you know what? I will!

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Carey said...

Sometimes when you feel need a good reminder that you are not!