Tuesday, May 27, 2008

For more than just a good time...

So I was looking around MSN and found this awesome list for odd uses for Vodka. Hmm? Well, I check it out! I found all of these uses for the clear college standby. Check these out...

Cleans mildew in your bathroom.
A few drops in your vase with some sugar will help to keep your cut flowers fresh longer.
Pour on affected area (of skin) after rolling in poison ivy to prevent allergic reaction.
Pour on jellyfish sting to ease pain.
Swish in mouth to disinfect and ease pain of a tooth ache.
Spritz on laundry and let dry to remove odor in clothing (remember it dries without any odor) if you can't get to wash it.
Add lavander to bottle or jar and fill with vodka, cap, and steep in the sun... room or body spray, see above... watch out Fabreeze!

Ao much more than just a social lubricant! Who would have thought!

This one was not listed but I do this every summer! Not only is it clever but it is a huge $$ saver! In a fifth of high proof vodka add 2-4 vanilla beans that have been split in half length wise, cap, and store in cabinet. In 3-6 months you will have a fifth of vanilla extract, a hell of a lot cheaper than those 4oz bottles for $6.99 each at the grocery store and will last longer too. I will make it in time to use for all of my christmas baking.

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Carey said...

And after a couple shots of vodka you can go to that happy place! Ha!

Cute post! :)