Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've still got it, the crazies I mean...

Here is my latest craziness at work... Just recently I was invited to join an online social networking site for my collegiate alma mater. No problem, actually, seem like fun. At this point in my life I am ready to get back in touch with some of my old chums. So I sign up, set up my page, write my profile and now I am off searching through folks from my past. Now this was last Friday, just before the long holiday weekend. 4pm strikes and I am off for a fun weekend with E. By about noon on Saturday it occurs to me that I hate my profile! I have said that I was married and now seperated and all but declared that I am living with my family... That will NOT do!! You see there are friends on that site, there are also "friends", ex boyfriends, friends of my X, and maybe even the X himself. Crap! What have I done? 2 1/2 days till I can fix this one.
You see, I am not a loser and I sure don't want to be defined by this glitch in my relationship status. Damn it! This profile is about me!!
First thing Tuesday morning I type and retype my profile. I outline my career path, my moves, and E's birth. I even pat myself on the back a bit and put my current job title which sounds kinda imporntant... Lead Inorganic Chemist. I have my full name with my maiden name in parenthesis and list my status as: Single. No mention of him! Then I do what any normal and insane woman would do... I post only the most adorable photos of E (especially the ones where she looks more like me than him) and a few of myself with E and friends where I am at the hight of my weight loss from the divorce and I look pretty good! Damn it I will make this seperation work for me in more ways than one!! Happy with the outcome I save my changes and now I check it almost as often as I check my email... I know, pathetic, but oh well!
Anyway to sum it up... Yes I am still neurotic since the split up. However, I am getting better! Lets face it, this was like a high school reunion (OMG, my 15 year is coming up soon, UGH!) just online. I got to see fat exs and old friends I lost touch with... bittersweet. Next thing I just have to get a few more pictures looking fabulous... just in case!

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