Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ted and Stella...

Last night I sat down and watched one of the only shows I watch on a regular basis... How I Met Your Mother. I can't help it, I just really like that show! That crazy Barney, sweet Ted, horney Lilly, and dopey Marshall, and don't get me started on the fact that Robin was a pop-tart in Canada... Genius! Anyway, I love those characters and I love the newest one of them all... Stella. She is played by Sarah Chalke (also Elliott Reed from Scrubs), and is a single mom with a 6 year old daughter that just started dating Ted, well 2 months into it. I think the reason I lke her character so much is because it hits so close to home.
Last night we find out that she and Ted haven't slept together yet (2 months) but also that she hasn't had sex in 5 years! Side note... Not that long for me. Also that Ted hasn't met her daughter either. She hit the dail on the head... It all comes down to trust. It wasn't that she couldn't trust Ted, but she was afraid of getting hurt again. By the end of the show they close the deal but first she introduced Ted to her daughter. Lets face it... it is a sitcom, of course it would all work out!
Anyway, that brings me to my point... I have to confess something. I have trust and committment issues. But then again, who wouldn't in my shoes, right? Should I buy or rent? That is my big quesion now. I don't know if I want to committ to a house right now... what will happen in a few years. What about the bills that go with it? The repairs and yard work. I have a million what ifs and lets face it I may not be just talking about a house! I will get through these issues but for now I have my fence up and hopefully one day like Stella, I will meet my Ted.
PS- He better not screw this up or else I am never watching this show again!

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