Monday, May 5, 2008

New old friends...

So, this weekend I took Bug down to the local spring festival. It was a beautiful day once the clouds went away. We shared a gyro, got her face (actually hand) painted, looked at toys, balloons, books, and clothes. We listened to music and even watched ballerinas. Once she was getting antsy in the stroller (I laid down the rules before we got there) we were off to the kiddie area... there were rumors of inflatable gyms and a petting zoo!
We petted the goats and rabbits, listened to a donkey "Hee-Haw", and even rode on a pony... exciting times. Then, next stop... the inflatable playground to give her the final 1-2 knock out to seal the deal for nap time. Don't worry, this isn't about the inflatable playground (my mind drifts... imagine what an adult one would be like... insert devilish smirk then return to reality). Bug is running around like a crazy woman high on life and I am attempting to keep up with her. While she is on one of the bouncers I notice a woman and a man standing close by and they look really familliar. And this time I take a chance (read earlier post about the gym), "Excuse me? Are you Whitney?" "MB?" "OMG! How are you...." And you can figure out the rest. But I had run into a girlfriend of mine from high school and the last time I saw her it was post college years and pre marriage years... for both of us!
Well we chit chatted and come to find out we both have kids the same age and we are both seperated. She has six months under her belt to my year. Here is the funny thing... she is seeing the same guy from high school. Whats so funny about that, right? Well, I lost my virginity in his grandparents house the night of my boyfriend's Junior Prom. That is what was so funny! Talk about a trip down memory lane.
Anyway, I met up with her and some others that night and had a blast! We laughed about the old times and caught up some on the the time in between. She toasted to nNew Friends, I had to correct her... "Here's to New Old Friends!" Life is funny that way.

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