Friday, May 16, 2008

WTF Super Nanny...

Here it is, one of my guilty pleasures... Wife Swap. I can't help it, I love it! But lucky for you that is not what I am writing about today, today it is about the show right after... Super Nanny. Now normally I wouldn't watch a show like this but lets face it... it is always a train wreck and it makes you feel a million times better about anything you do as a parent! And sometimes, just sometimes, someone else's failures can make you feel better. Are you a parent? Do you need an ego boost? More cowbell won't help here, watch Super Nanny instead!
Usually when I watch I get that "Phew, thank God, thats not me" sense of relief but, oh no, not this week. The mother of a two year old didn't know her daughter's favorite book and Jo nailed her on it. She said that every toddler has a few favorite books and you don't pay enough attention to your child to even know what hers might be!
OMG! You know what it is like (and if you don't, play along)... get home hopefully by 5:30 and that is of there is no traffic, fix dinner, bathtime, actually talk and get them into bed by hopefully 7:30. Well now add your well intentioned family all up in your stuff to that routine along with the proven knowelage that if you go more than one day in a row with a bedtime of 8pm you will have a little bitch on your hands for the next three days and last night... you had to stop at the store on your way home pushing everything back a half an hour so last night way your 8pm free pass for the week. Needless to say, books are kept for the weekends. It is sad to say but it is true!
Now lets talk about the guilt trip I had after hearing that damn Super Nanny, I say screw you and your british accent! 99.9% percent of what you say are right on but this, Super Nanny, is where I put my foot down. I talk with my Bug, we eat together most of the time, we play together, but damn it! reading a story before bed does not make me a bad mom!! (Granted the woman she was talking to was leting her 2yr old eat spray cheese and crackers to go to bed and rest assured... NEVER in my house!)
So, maybe I am a little sensitive these days, but the next night I told Bug to pick out a book for bedtime. And as luck would have it... she picked out her stand-by... Who's Tail Is It, Peter Rabbit? The one she always picked out before we moved and we read it twice. Maybe I over reacted but I did know her favorit book and now I will try to find an extra 5-10 minutes in my day for stories.
PS- If you have a spare few minutes pass them over this way, please?

As I leave you from my rant... Enjoy some Flight of the Conchords

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Carey said...

Yes, nothing like being a mommy and rushing-round like a chicken with your head cut off! Wait until she starts stalling. We start bedtime at 7:30 (in hopes of being done by 8pm) she usually is down by 8:30 (and that is on a good night when she isn't laying there talking or singing to herself!)

Deep breath! You are a great mom...and your daughter shows it.

By the way, check out Pinkalicious, that is my Jelly bean's new favorite book. It is great!