Friday, April 4, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy...

So Bug has developed a fun new habit of being quite the "backseat driver". While driving to work/ school the other morning I hear from the backseat, "Drive with two hands, Mommy." Well, it amused me and I really didn't think too much of it until the other night while my dad was driving Bug and I to the doctor (Monday's dog bite) she is wailing in the backseat then between sobs, "Papoo, drive with two hands." My dad, a little confused, asks what she said. I respond, "Dad, she wants you to drive with two hands. Put two hands on the steering wheel." Now what do you say to that? Nothing!
I am still trying to figure out where she came up with that one! And anyway, there is nothing like having a 2 1/2 year old backseat driver in the car with you, I can hardly wait till she is 10!

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Carey said...

Sounds like my Jelly, "two hands mommy!" "Slow down mommy." "watch it buddy!" (yeah I know. LOL) "Faster mommy." "Go!"

I think day care is giving them a course on back seat driving. (Or how to talk your parents crazy.)LOL