Friday, April 4, 2008

Not as bad as it seems...

So, what started out as a bad week has blossomed into a not so bad one all together!! Here I will give you the rundown...
Sunday... in bed way too late, this isn't going to be good!
Monday... Wake up an hour late and run late all day long. That night, right before bath, Bug gets bit by my parents dog and end up at the Patient First that night (no worries, she is ok but very much the drama queen!) and it is late to bed again!
Tuesday... Over sleep again, same story as Monday. My dog has a seizure as I walk in the door from work, wtf? This has never happen before!
Wednesday... To the vet for tests and have to wait for results till the next day. Also I have to "obtain a stool sample", ugh! Deal with FedEx and paperwork... details I won't go into!
Thursday... Drop samples off then get held up at the vet to wait for results (really late for work) Good news... all tests came up clear, still don't know what it may be but no major organ issues. After work I have to run and get a birthday gift for Dad (happy 60th) and go home and fix dinner (yummy). Dad got a job offer, Yea! At bedtime, I even got big hugs and an I Love You from my stingy Bug!
Friday... For the first time this week I got out of the house before 8am. Got my performance test results... I passed all of them, way to go me!! Tonight I am going out with my cous to celebrate her birthday, should be fun!
What a welcome turn around!

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Carey said...

It only gets better...right?