Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tongue tied...

Driving in the car today and Bug and I were talking about playgrounds. She (and I) are very happy that it is finally warm enough to play outside. Anyway, we are on our way back to school and she is talking about playing on the playground this afternoon and this is how that conversation went...

"You come play at playground Mommy?"
"No, I have to go back to work."
"You have a playground at work?"
"No, I have instruments at work. There is no room for a playground there but I sure wish I did!"
"I no have impotents, I have a playground."

And yes, you did read that right! Bug has a Snow Wipe and no impotents... Lucky girl!


Carey said...

You really need to get a playground at work...they are fun.

Snow Wipe and impotents -- nice! I have been informed that Jasmine is pronounced "Jasmint" so if you know any stinky princes out there, we can hook them up! LOL

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha that was an icing on the cake...Rosie