Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The "money pit" is gone...

It is official... We have sold the house and I am thrilled!
No more mortgage on an empty house.
No more whining from the ex about having to take care of basic up keeping. No more stamps to pay the mortgage on a house that is empty.
No more feedback responses from the Realtor and excuses as to why someone doesn't like my house.
No more updates from the neighbors as to how bad the yard looks because the ex can't get up off of his lazy ass to do his part.
No more of the minister in my house.
No more guilt trips from the ex's dad about everything he has put into the house (point of clarification... I always paid my half, take that point up with your son!).
No more paying security, water, electricity, or gas bills on an empty house.
No more going broke and trying to stay out of foreclosure because of the crappiest loan in the world (that was given to us by a "friend of the family", I'm just saying).
No more any of it!!
So, here is when I say it: Good bye 4902, it was fun while it lasted!