Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Does this make my butt look fat...

Let me start by saying that I feed my child well. Pro-veggies, whole foods, fresh fruits, lean meats, whole grain breads, ok sure, there is the occasional fish stick but the kid even eats salmon. Kudos to me!! Sweets aren't avoided but they are kept at a minimum. I even avoid the over processed juices in the juice isle, I prefer the pureed juices or the homemade ones.
But what I can't understand is why Bug's two favorite foods (I use this term loosely) are butter and toothpaste. You would think it makes it easier for "brush our teeth" time but it is always the same... a glob of toothpaste for the tooth brush and then she sticks the tube in her mouth (or scrapes some of the semi-dried stuff off from next to the dispenser) and sucks it down then we can brush away. It is either that or deal with the tears... which would you choose??
Even better though was just last night when I caught her in the fridge biting off some of a stick of butter, gross! The stick of butter always has little finger gouges out of the top. Thank God we aren't having a dinner party any time soon!!

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Laurie said...

I feel for you. but it is just the age. My daughter went through the same thing and now my son does it. I can't keep him out of the bathroom because he is constantly wanting to brush his teeth and eats more of the toothpaste than brushes with it. The other day I was making toast and he came up and grabbed the stick of butter and chomped down. All he had to say was, what mom it's good. The good thing is he also loves veggies and he does like to eat fish (salmon, tuna, flounder, swordfish) but not fish sticks. She will grow out of it.