Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My special friend...

Last night I asked my parents if any one of their children was as fascinated with their "pieces and parts" (aka... privates) as Bug is. Of the three of us, it was my sister. She got an orange crayon stuck in her 'gina. Don't worry, a day and a half later it came out and she proclaimed, with said crayon in her hand, "Here-d dit is!" Side note... The doctor said that once the muscles relax it will come out on its own. My brother on the other hand was much more fascinated with his nose but that is another story for another day.
This came about when Bug was exploring her neither regions with her toy dog but this is not about her 'gina it is about what my mother called vaginas, actually all privates for that matter, last night. Some call it a hoo-ha, a va-j-jay, flower, pieces and parts, girlie parts, privates, woo-wee, puthy (please don't ask), twitchet (seriously, don't ask), our goods, a woo-woo, and our personal favorite the vagina ( actually 'gina). No, not my mother! Last night she called it our special friend (I thought that was Flow... again another story in about 12 years). And according to my mother Bug is a big fan of her 'special friend'.
Lucky for us, Bug's special friend has not been hiding any toys and hopefully we can keep it that way!!


Laurie said...

It is natural for a child to be curious. My son still has a fasination with his private parts. But then again he is a boy and you know how men are. My husband tells him to stop playing with his twig and berries. My son tells him I don't have twig and berries I have log and boulders. It's cute now but I can't wait until he starts school and I get a phone call from his teacher asking about that one.

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA That is sooo funny..
My little men is sooo intrested in his penis.. and yes everytime he touches it i say thats your penis..