Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wanna see...

When I picked Bug up from school yesterday she was wearing a tank top and shorts... This was odd for two reasons. 1) When she went to school she was wearing a dress and 2) She will only wear dresses these days! Ok, so reason #1 is not too weird but there was nothing spilled on her dress and there were no panties that needed to be cleaned, that is what made it odd. When we got home I was cleaning out her bag and I tossed her dress into the laundry and I asked Bug...
"Did you spill something on your dress today?"
"No, I show my friends my big girl pants and my teacher put shirt and shorts on me"
Now, I don't know about you but my Bug likes to tell stories. Not that this was unbelievable, it was completely believable and that kinda worried me, and also I guess I never noticed this behavior before.
So, this morning when I took her to school I saw her teacher and asked about it. She confirmed Bug's story, my tiny flasher. The only other question I had was if it was just her panties she was showing and her teacher wasn't sure... I really have my hands full with this one!

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