Friday, December 21, 2007

Every girl's worst nightmare...

Or at least this one is right up there with sitting in chocolate while wearing white pants. This one is right off the press.... it just happened about ten minutes ago!!! So I bend down to pick up something (I don't even remember what it is) and RIP!!! Right in the seat of my pants. They are old, cheap jeans that have been abused for a while but still, I am at work and they are the only ones I have! Oh yea, I decided that thongs would be a good choice today... maybe not.
It is not that bad, about an inch tear near the seam towards the bottom of the inseam but OMG! I am at work! So I sit here with a temporary fix of clear packing tape on the inside of my pants praying that it doesn't get worse or that I forget and make it worse. Why can't stuff like this happen at home?? Uugh!!
UPDATE... It has been a few hours and I can tell you that the rip hasn't moved however, packing tape and girlie parts do not mix!!!

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