Friday, December 21, 2007

My visitor in the shower...

So I was in the shower this morning shaving my legs, like most other mornings (except for the shaving my legs part, it is December, I am single... give me a break), and then the door swings open. I wasn't startled, I heard the thud, thud, thud of little feet approaching so I was ready for it. The curtain swings open and "I see you!" from Bug. "I see you too!" I reply. "Honey, please close the door." I don't care if she is in there or not but did I mention it was December??? Anyway, here is the rest of the conversation...
"Mommy, what doing?"
"Shaving my legs."
"I shave leg."
"No honey, not for a few years."
"Mommy's boobies."
"Yes, those are Mommy's boobies."
"I got boobies."
"Yes honey, you do."
She disappears out of sight and reappears with a tampon, holding it victoriously...
"Dis Mommy's"
"Yes, that is Mommy's"
"It for your mouth, put in mouth" as she puts it in her mouth.
Loss for words.... "Ok, please put it back"
So I tell my father about the exchange with a chuckle and then he tells me that my cousin (male) used to call them beach whistles. Hmm!


Carey said...

Did she steal your towel too?


Cute story!

mb said...

No, thank God!!