Sunday, December 23, 2007

Making new friends...

So I went out with my cousin J last night... What fun! After discussing the evening's events on the way home (at 2am) we both came to the conclusion that this arrangement seems to be working well. Two single gals out on the town and we always seem to have some kind of adventure (luckily, they have only been the good ones so far). Anyway, we went downtown. Why not? She had to pick up a gift down there any so we may as well kill two birds with one stone.
First stop- The Greene Turtle for snacks. Interesting crowd and good crab dip but not a place to stay for most of the night.
Next stop- Max's on Broadway. Great place for beer! When we went in it wasn't too crowded, cozy not shoulder to shoulder. It was nice and we were hopeful to maybe even score a seat... No such luck. Instead we settled for a ledge off to the side with a great view of the bar, perfect for people watching. Moments later we had someone asking us to join he and his friend. What the heck? Why not! We could always leave.
Come to find out they were passing through town on their way back to DC from PA on business and decided to stop in Baltimore. We had a good time hanging out. I love making new friends.
Third (and last) stop- The Waterfront Hotel (aka- the bar they used when they filmed the "Homicide" TV series) Very crowded, good music, good atmosphere... the downer- hard to get to the , oh well, it was late already. Will Hill was playing, pretty good band, I was impressed!
All in all it was a fun night, no angry bachlorettes or obnoxious drunks so that was good! It even looks like J and I my venture to DC for and evening and meet up with our new friends. Another adventure!!

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