Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I found you...

This morning we were rushing out the door, like every other morning and after wrestling my little one into her seat Bug proclaims, "I found you!" Just out of the blue, "I found you!" So I respond, "No, I found you!" Bug replies, "No Mommy, I found you!!" Well we went back and forth like that for a minute until I gave up and she won. She found me, I don't know where I was hiding or where I was but she found me. Random toddler talk, right?
So, after I dropped her off at school I chuckled to myself and got a little sentimental then it hit me... She does find me. When I feel lonely, she finds me. When I feel lost or overwhelmed, she finds me. When I am sad, she finds me and brings me back.
So I guess, lucky me, she did find me!!

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