Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Santa threat...

So, I did it last night. We were in the grocery store, I have been there a lot lately but that is for later. Anyway, Bug was acting a fool and I had a bad day so I pulled out the big guns... I reminded her that Santa is watching and he only brings toys to little girls that listen to their mommies. It worked, it was a miracle! She sat down, quiet and attentive. It lasted all of five minutes, damn those short attention spans!! But when she acted up again and all I had to do was mention Santa, it was brilliant. I must have used it 10 times in one trip to the grocery store. Yes it was an abuse of power but I couldn't help it, it was amazing. Nothing has ever worked like that before!
I always promised myself I would never do this but just like the "I will never give my child fast food" didn't last (now it is only used in a pinch) so too has this promise to myself. Lets face it, I am only human. Anyway, now that I know the power of Santa I will use it sparingly and when absolutely necessary but it sure does bring new meaning to "I wish every day was Christmas!"

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