Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I have been up since 4am...

I am exhausted!!
I was woken up by a vomiting toddler this morning. Used hot dogs and strawberry applesauce were all over her bed and lovies. And that, my friend, was the end of my peaceful dreams. We got up, changed clothes, washed up, and ran laundry. By 4:40 I thought there was a smidgen of hope of napping for an hour... Ha! The joke was on me. Bug didn't want to sleep at all! She wiggled and giggled, sang and searched for the dog. She was happy as a pig in a poke!
She is fine (maybe a little tired) and at school and here I sit at my desk with my brain only half functioning. Maybe I am losing my mind? Is this what it feels like? Who knows, but if it is... I just wish I could have had a nap first!

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Carey said...

mmmm. my not-so-favorite-moments.