Saturday, January 5, 2008

The 10 hour first date...

Yes you heard me right!
Lets just call him T. He is the fun one I met on New Years. We compared "baggage" and even though I had more, he came in a close second. We have similar situations. So anyway for starters, let me give you a little back story, I chose not to elaborate last week because even I couldn't keep up with my crazy thoughts! He called me on Wednesday afternoon and asked if I would like to do something on Saturday, say around 4, how does the museum sound? There is a Matisse exhibit that looks really interesting. Sounds great, I just have to line up a sitter and I will let you know. I got the sitter and now I am all set to go to the museum.... SH*T! It has been since high school that I went to the museum last. What am I going to do? The closest thing to art that I have seen is the masterpieces that Bug has brought home with crayon and feathers! He is so out of my league, what am I doing? I can handle bars, beer, and mini golf... Next thing I know it will be the opera. AAAhhh! Now aside from that, what do I wear?? Theses thoughts actually woke me up for two nights straight!
Fast-forward to Saturday... I settle on a cute brown and blue dress, brown cardigan, fish net tights tights and boots. Cute, sassy, appropriate for day and night, and the third thing I tried on that I didn't hate. Anyway, I met him in Towson (best way to avoid him seeing my living situation) and we were off. He opened my door and once we were inside (his very clean car) he gave me a little box of chocolates. So far, very good!!! On the way to the museum he asked me about Matisse and I was very honest... I haven't been to a museum in years! We laughed, neither had but said that it looked like it would be interesting! Definatly off to a good start! I had fun at the museum and I didn't once make as much as even a snicker at all of the nudes! I was on my best behavior! Side note... The ex texted me in the middle of the museum so the entire time my purse was vibrating (large vibrating things are nice under different circumstances ;)) Anyway, he wanted to know if the Bug could call him that night. I excused myself to the bathroom before we left and I did it... I bathroom txted. But seriously, go figure, right?! Back to the story...
Then it was off to dinner, a quiet place in Fells Point, the food was really good but the company was much better. We talked so much our food got cold and that was fine with me. We passed on dessert, maybe later (now don't you go getting any wise ideas here). He asked if I wanted to go salsa dancing... um... I told him I have two left feet, I don't know how good of an idea that is. He came back with, "I have two right feet so we should be fine." I still managed to get out of that one but only for now so then it was on to Federal Hill to a bar that he frequents, fun but sorta loud. I did get a confession there... I am his first date since his divorce. I smiled and said, "So, your saying that you are a virgin and I am your first? Wow, so many expectations to live up to!!" He chuckled and said, "I figured I would be honest with you." Wow! Now there is a concept! We switched bars and went to another one neither one of had ever been to and when we got in there, there was a magic show in progress on the stage. Now how cool is that? This guy was good! He even did a Harry Houdini escape trick while hanging from a bar on the ceiling. Crazy!
So, now it was getting late and we headed up the road and shared the chocolates in the car on the way. Once we got to Towson, he commented on how long it had been since he had been up there. We went inside to talk some more and the next thing I know is that it was almost two in the morning. He walked me to my car and yes, we kissed. It was nice, really nice. If you couldn't tell, I had a fantastic time and hopefully I will see him again.... I guess we will see!
UPDATE... He called today at lunch :)

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Carey said...

I am so excited...fingers crossed! And next time your phone starts vibrating (due to your EX) during a date, take it to the bathroom and flush it! LOL! Keep me updated!