Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Goodbye to an old friend...

Well, I got the call yesterday evening on my way to pick up Bug. It was the ex calling to tell me that the first car that I purchased (and owned) is on his way to the big junkyard in the sky. He was in his second accident in a month, of course neither of them were his fault (insert eye rolling here) because nothing ever is!!
Anyway, it was the last one that finally put ole Ernie out of his misery. The funny thing is that when the ex told me I wasn't that upset, "Hmm, it happens" is all I said. Now this is where humor steps into the picture... The ex starts going on about how good Ernie was, he never did anything wrong, all he wanted to do was be a good car, Ernie didn't deserve this ending, it isn't fair to him, he was just sitting there and BAM! out of nowhere it was over... I actually had to bite my tongue, sounds like my marriage, doesn't it?? I just replied, "It happens."
Well, as I said, I am not too upset. I said my good byes already when I moved. He can have the insurance money... technically the car was his in the separation papers. But damn...that karma is a bitch, ain't it??

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Carey said...

Bitter sweet isn't it?

RIP Ernie.