Thursday, January 17, 2008

You have heard of hiding the sausage but what about the toddler version...

It is called "Lets hide my Bah-bah and Ping-won right before Mommy needs to leave for work, it always seems to put her in a good mood!"
And in case you were wondering... it is a miserable game but luckily it only took me two days to figure it out! Yesterday on our was out the door I realized that we were minus the buddies (insert frustrated sigh) so we searched and searched and searched. Finally we found them in the bedroom on the dogs bed. When was she in there? Oh well, we are late, lets go!
This morning was the same routine... on our way out the door. Where are the buddies? First take a quick look around the den and kitchen, I could have sworn that they were here a minute ago! Next stop, the bedroom. There they are on my bed. Come on, lets go, we are running late again!
I think Bug does this when I go out to start the car but just wait till tomorrow... hopefully I will be awake enough to catch her at her own game!


Carey said...

Wait until 2 becomes, 3 and then 4 or 5 Buddies...No wait, gets better, "Mommy, you carry them." And people wonder why I throw my back out! LOL!

mb said...

What are you saying, we already have a harem!!! And I get the... 'you carry them' all the time!

Carey said...

5 Babies...5. And guess what their names are? (Baby Brother and Baby Sister) And now guess which one she wants! LOL!

I just love when she tells her teachers that I left the baby at home.