Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe she will be a soccer player...

I laughed just the other day to a friend of mine about her daughter kicking Grandpa in the head and last night I got my payback... Sorry B!
I was talking to Bug about calling Daddy. This was at home after she kicked my wrist in the car when I was handing the phone to her so she could talk to him then, and yes he was on speaker phone when that happened and heard her scream, "NO! NO TALK DADDY!!". I can't blame you kid, but I gotta do what I gotta do!
Anyway, like I was saying... I told her that we have to talk to Daddy and she was pretty P.O.ed at me for telling her that, yes, she had to do something. So she said, "No!", wound up and kicked me right in the shin.
Ugh! You little... Time Out! No Kicking!! And my mom just watched in amazement!
And here is the best... In time out she pulled her pants down and sat there with her pull-ups hanging wide open and full of poop in protest!
(Desperate plea) Please tell me it gets easier?!?

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Carey said...

ROFL! I don't mean to laugh about being kicked...but that is pretty funny. Don't you just love those little 2 year old's having a mind of their own?

Just wait until they are in their teens! (What have we done?)