Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One of THOSE days...

You know, one of those days where things just don't go right, not wrong, just not right. Well today was one of them! The morning started off innocent enough and without issue (aside from the fear of a headache) then I got to work and it started... my instrument was out of gas and I had to wait till noon when the gas guy finally showed up, a waste of half of the day... still not horrible! In comes the afternoon and my day starts rolling then I check my email... there it is... one from the ex, and they always brighten up my day (extreme sarcasm). This one is titled "Wanted to pass this by you..." Well sh*t, what now? Well it appears that he is starting to butter me up for week long visitation two states away with Bug. HELLO!! She didn't even stay with him in the hotel 3 weeks ago over night (in that case, even to nap) because of all of the changes that have been going on. She has never slept away from me, ever, and to add a little extra to the mix she and I are sharing a room now. Now tell me, at 27 1/2 months do you think she is ready to go away for a week to another state? You know what... I don't need an answer because it is NO! Now I just have to talk to him about it (wish me luck).
Anyway, after work I made it to the gym (way to go me!) and stopped at the grocery store before picking up Bug. Once Bug and I were on our final rout home I asked her if she wanted to help me make candy when we got home and of course she happily replied... "YES!" It was a battle to get inside the house, you see it was in the 70s yesterday and she saw her bike in the carport on the way in..."I want my bike, I want my bike, I want my bike!!!" Cross-eyed, I finally got her inside with promises that we could go back out in a minute, just let me put my stuff down. Quickly I pulled the good ole 1-2 distraction on her... "Bug, do you want to make candy??" "Yes Mommy!" So off to the kitchen to make the easiest candy ever... Crockpot Candy (FYI... if you adjust the recipe and decide that dried fruit would be good... add it at the end!!) after a few chocolate chips were eaten that is where the fun began (I will give you the condensed version)... We had two time-outs (for the same thing, not listening) in a row, a naked pee-pee on the den rug (with lots of giggling), crazy dog that wouldn't stop barking, feet on the dinner table, spilled milk on the other table (on purpose), a temper tantrum, one freak out because of my parents dog, my mother's smart comments on everything going on (mind you, this was all before 7:30 last night), the candy half burned to the crock-pot (see above note), my phone dying mid-conversation with T, and then to top it all off... I had to chase crazy dog back outside multiple times to make sure that she went potty before bed so that I didn't wake up this morning to surprises. And when I finally made it to bed (exhausted) I couldn't fall asleep. Please don't let tomorrow be like this!!!


Bastet said...

Did someone say chocolate...homemade candy? mmmm.

And only because I have so much respect for your Ex (insert rolling eyes), I say NO. If he wants an extended vacation with Bug, he can bring his sorry bass up here and spend some time with her...at least prove he can be a decent father first.

mb said...

Preach on sister!! Oh and yes I did say chocolate!!! Yummy!