Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally a full nights sleep...

After nearly a week, Bug let me sleep for almost a full night... Exciting!! But on the other hand... I have the cold (probably from lack of sleep). Anyway, I am coughing so hard my brain is rattling inside my head and my stomach muscles hurt. And I don't think that it is possible that one person could produce as much snot as I have in the past few days... But enough of my whining, I am begining to sound like a man!
So back to my night's sleep... To get me off to La La Land I dosed up on Mucinex and Sudafed and I will be the first tell you that I should NEVER take that before going to sleep. I have heard tha pregnancy dreams are crazy but none of mine would hold a candle to my Sudafed dreams!! They are bizarre and usually sexual in nature (I can only wonder where my deprived mind is these days... hmmm) which brings me to last nights escepades.
All I remember is bits and pieces but it invloved Axle Rose naked (I don't know either) but it was interesting to say the least! I wonder what tonight will hold... I will keep you posted!
POINT OF CLARIFICATION... it was Axle Rose circa 1980s not the creepy one today.

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Bastet said...

Back away from the sudafed...back away! LOL!

Hope you feel better!