Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What a combination....

As I was sifting through my emails I was scanning through one from rachelraymag.com, and yes I am a huge fan! There were all sorts of quick and fun ideas for the Big Game on Sunday but this one really caught my eye... Beer Margarita. And as Rachel Ray would say... Yumm-O! Or if I amy go another route... As Joey Tribianni would say... Beer... Good! Margaritas.... Good! Whats not to like??
Stretch your culinary wings this Super Bowl and branch out from the ordinary buffalo wings, nachos, and Bud Light and get creative, I know I will! However, I will not be hosting any festivities this year, Bug and I will be at a friends house. But don't worry, I will be making something just a little different and I might even bring along some Beer Margaritas for everyone, who knows!!

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Carey said...

Beer Margaritas -- woohoo! Can't wait.