Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 will be better...

Or at least that is what I keep telling myself!
And so far so good!! New Years was a blast! J and I went out on the town... two single gals all dressed up and out for a good time! We started out at a co-worker of J's party downtown and from there we went to Bartenders, a bar in Canton where I met the weird forward dude I posted about already(UPDATE...he never did call). After that we left the group and ventured into Fells Point. Unfortunately, we misses a JB and her hubby by just minutes but we got stuck up in Canton longer than I thought. That is ok though... there was still fun to be had!!
Once we got into Fells (around 11:30) we realized that there were lines to get into some of the fun bars. That is ok too, we were now on a mission to get in somewhere. Luckily Kooper's wasn't too packed, actually we even got a seat at the bar (only one of course but it was close to the tv so we could see the ball drop) we started a tab and cheered to a girls night out!! We came up with a plan... once the ball dropped and everyone went to watch the fireworks we would dash next door to the Waterfront Hotel and grab a seat. Its easy to get in when no one is there!! Anyway, the fireworks were great and we got in to the Waterfront.
We met a new friend and some random dude asked me to dance and anyone who knows me knows that I have two left feet but what the hell, it is New Years right! Anyway he was wiggling his pelvis all up in my business and which meant that was also his last dance with me! The three of us discusses the past year's mishaps (aka: baggage) and guess who won with a landslide... Your right, me!! I think it was the whole minister-mistress and unemployed thing that set me over the top. See, I am a winner!!! Anyway, this new friend seemed nice enough and we all hung out till the closing time. He did ask for my number and I gave it to him , apparently I was handing them out left and right (seriously, only twice). UPDATE... he did call yesterday and I am seeing him this weekend.
Well, J and I headed out and found one other place that was open, a little Irish pub down the block so we headed in. We ordered another round (diet Coke, water, and one beer this time) and found a spot to hang out. We did notice that there were these two guys there checking us out. Now let me remind you that this was the end of the night and I was feeling pretty ballsy at this point of the night and I never did get a kiss at midnight so I took matters into my own hands. I walked right up to one of them and asked, "Did you ever get a kiss at midnight?" He said, "No". And I laid one right on him then looked at him, smiled and said, "Happy New Year!" turned and walked away! It was great, like a scene out of the movies or a tv show (or at least that is my story) but with my luck he was probably gay but I didn't give him time to argue.
J and I finally hailed a cab and headed home and got to bed around 3:30 which is really late when the Bug wakes you up at 7am. But hey, lets face it... New Years only happens once a year and as I said earlier 2008 is going to be a great year!


Bastet said...

ahhh, I remember one year in particular at Fells Point...someone running out of the bathroom cheering, "I got laid!" Proudly wearing my flower lay. OH Wait, that was me! LOL! Fun times!

mb said...

Good times... what a fun place!!